ECMX® Registry
ECMX® Registry
The Energy Communications Management eXchange®

Home of the Energy Communications Management Exchange®

The Energy Communications Management Exchange® (ECMX®) is a sub-division of Future DOS Research & Development Inc.  Registrar for ANSI C12.19 and IEEE Std 1377™ and ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703™ ECMX maintains a repository of the Standard and clients' End Device Classes, Network Nodes ApTitles, Security Mechanism Names and Electronic Serial Numbers (ESNs).

ECMX® is positioned to perform the activities needed to provide its clients with certifiable references to the ANSI / Measurement Canada and IEEE Standard Table Definition Language (TDL) registered semantic reference models and End-device Exchange Language (EDL) registered element constants. ECMX® also provides related services and technologies that may be required to meet its clients’ needs and the needs of the AMI industry as a whole.

ECMX® clients include all Utility Industry Enterprise subscribers who may gain access through web services to information necessary to support their AMI and SmartGrid business activities. ECMX® can assist its clients by providing information, reference material, training, testing and certification services that may be of help in their migration to an effective deployment of AMI and SmartGrid solutions.

ECMX® provide a secure and private processing tools for the creation of new Object Identifiers (OIDs) and for the update of OIDs to its applicants. The OIDs assigned by ECMX® are from the pool of Object Identifiers licensed from NAEDRA by its parent company Future DOS R&D Inc.

Applications for OIDs can be received electronically trough our web portal or by any other secure means that may be convenient to our clients.

Our clients can also benefit from our testing and certification services and tools. Utility Users and AMI IT users that are registered as our clients will also gain access (subject to security and privacy considerations) to the registered information in the form of downloadable files.

ECMX manages OIDs from the following Standard branches:

ANSI C12.19 / IEEE Std 1377™ End Device Classes (Meters, Relays, Master Relays, Nodes)[64 - 90].* and[192 - 282].*;
ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703™ Network Node ApTitles. [64 - 90].* and[192 - 282].*
ANSI C12.22 / IEEE Std 1703™ Network Node Security Mechanism Names OIDs.[64 - 90].* and[192 - 282].*

Upon receipt of an application for a new Device Class, Network ApTitle, Security Mechanism Name or Electronic Serial Number; our system will issue a traceable identifier to the applicant together with initial transaction and transaction group identifiers. All subsequent interactions with the client shall be recorded and tracked in reference to the application ID and transaction/transaction group identifiers to guarantee coherence of all activities and submitted material. Transactions will be assigned transaction group IDs that will span application (or update) change cycles. An application change cycle represents all the interactions and associated artifacts that were submitted by the applicant and generated by the registrar to embody a successful registration and all of its information products. The registrar will provide (subject to security, agreements and necessary releases) access to the above information products to its subscribers (e.g. utilities and middle-ware users of the registered information products).

Relevant services offered by ECMX:

  1. End Device Class Registration
  2. Network Relay and Node ApTitle Registration
  3. Node Security Mechanism Name Registration
  4. Node Electronic Serial Number Registration
  5. Device Class TDL/EDL form, generation and conformance testing
  6. Device Class TDL/EDL data entry and encoding services
  7. C12.22 Master Relay, Relay and Node conformance testing services
  8. ANSI C12.18/21 Node conformance testing services
  9. ANSI C12.19 End Device conformance testing services
  10. ANSI C12.19/22 device conformance testing services
  11. ANSI C12.22/C12.19 AMI Architecture and network deployment / integration validation and conformance testing services
  12. End Device Simulation technology and interfaces
  13. Education and training